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Northern Morocco Expedition - EMDE

Explore the best of Northern Morocco with our Expedition tour, featuring Mauresque history, green mountainous nature, and iconic cities such as Tangier, Chefchaouen, and Fes.

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Northern Morocco Expedition - EMDE



Get your self lost at the north of Morocco, with a combination of Mauresque history and green mountaineous nature from the top north modern city of Tangier overlooking the Iberian peninsula to the blue washed city of chefchaouen and not ending at Fes the biggest old Mednia in the world with a 9000 mysterious labyrinthine alleys and and its medrassas, The Northern Morocco Expedition tour is made to fulfill and exceed your travel expectations.

  • Tangier Old Medina and Kasbah
  • Chefchaouen Blue city and Spanish Mosque
  • Fes old Medina and its highlights

Details & Program


Arrival at Casablanca

 Hotel: Hotel Al Walid or Equivalent

Arrive to your hotel will be a good chance to know your tour leader and to get to know the group and maybe enjoy an optional dinner together, Overnight at Your accommodation at Casablanca.


Casablanca to Tangier

 Hotel: Hotel Ksar Chellah or Equivalent

In the morning you will be taking your way in the direction The top Northern city "Tangier" upon the arrival you can join an optional city visit to discover the old walled city and its authentic Bazaars, experience the local life at the citadel and take some nice pictures at the panoramic view next to the spanish shores before heading down to Succo Grande a famous and a busy plaza.


Tangier - Tetouan to Chefchaouen

 Hotel: Hotel Madrid or Equivalent

You will travel together through a nice scenery of Rif mountains reaching the blue washed city Chefchaouen, aslo known as the Blue pearl. Chefchaouen was founded by the Spanish Moors and the jewish community on 1471 AD you can also visit the city fortress that was the main garrison at the northwest, still enough to explore it might be good to walk to Ras El Maa and the Spanish mosque upon the hill where a magican sunset view awaits you


Free Day at Chefchaouen

 Hotel: Hotel Madrid or Equivalent

Today you can have a free day to discover the old blue city that offers you a relaxed atmosphere, you can also join an optional excursion to the Akchour valley also know as the lost Paradise valley, 35 KM away of Chechaouen will be a great chance to hike through the valley to reach the waterfalls that will leave you totally speechless.
Overnight at Your accommodation at Chefchaouen.


Chefchaouen - Volubilis Roman City Visit - Fes

 Hotel: Hotel Splendid or Equivalent

Leaving this peaceful town today you are travelling down to the city of Fes, on the way you will be visiting the ancient Roman outpost of Volubilis learn about the history and architecture; the stunning bathhouses, marble pillars decorating the main lane, Then you head to the oldest capital in Morocco "FES" that is also known by it's 9000 labyrinth alleys this city was founded 1200 years back in time by the first Sultan "IDRIS I" representing a Mosaic of the Amazigh and Arab ethnicities residing the city.


Fes City Visit

 Hotel: Hotel Splendid or Equivalent

Right after the breakfast you can join an included city visit to FES EL BALI or the Medival Fes where the oldest University in the world "El Karaouine" takes a place, visit Medrassa Bounania a religious school that was founded on the 14th century, in addition to many other interesting sites like Ennejarine Museum and Fundok that was one of the oldest hostels in the city for the caravan traders back to the Dark Ages, least and not last the famous tanneries where you can experience how the tanners dyeing the skins of the goats, sheeps, cows, and even camels.
Evening time might be a great time to relax at your accommodation.


Fes to Casablanca

 Hotel: Hotel Al Walid or Equivalent

Today you are taking your way back to the "Casablanca" the white city that represents a financial pillar in Morocco and the biggest city in the country.
after the arrival you can visit the external side the Hassan II mosque that is still considered one of highests minarets in the world, experience the western and the French architure touch, don't miss to visit the El Habbous and have an optional dinner at La courniche.
Overnight at Your accommodation at Casablanca.

The End of The Tour Services

Unfortunately your Journey has come to an end; you can still extend your stay at your hotel or book a departure transfer to Casablanca airport.
Your tour leader will be happy to assist when needed.

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