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“Taking care of our destinations and those who’s home it is, is at a core of our great experiences”

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Happy Trails! Asia is a destination management company (DMC) with offices in Indonesia (Bali and Yogyakarta) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Borneo). Happy Trails! Asia provides personalized destination management services throughout Indonesia, Malaysia (Peninsular and Borneo), Singapore and Brunei. It is our mission to provide exceptional travel experiences to our customers whilst maximizing the positive impacts of tourism for the communities and natural environment in the destinations we operate in.

Founded in 2003, Happy Trails! Asia is an adaptable, understanding and passionate partner in Asia that is constantly innovating its services to keep on edge with the latest news and trends. We pride ourselves in our in-depth local knowledge and enthusiasm towards our destinations, while maximizing the positive impacts of tourism for the communities and natural environment through extensive collaboration.This, combined with a strong focus on efficiency, customer service, information technology and a personal touch, makes us a strong and reliable partner in Asia. Currently we provide our expert services to dozens of well-established tour operators from over fifteen countries.

Happy Trails! Asia offers its personalized services to any market segment regardless of budget. May it be price-savvy holidays or high-end luxury travel, FIT or group tours, all of our clients and their guests will receive our extensive support and local knowledge. Every year, together with our local partners, we ensure that thousands of guests have great experiences during their travels and great memories afterwards.

Being a responsible travel organization Happy Trails! Asia strives to create momentum to enhance the positive impacts of tourism to both the local communities as well as the natural environment, whilst delivering exceptional travel experiences. In this, we aim to maximize the positive contributions of tourism for local communities and the natural environment whilst understanding that there are potential negative environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts connected to tourism if operations are not managed properly. Hence, we commit to being open, honest and realistic about the impacts of our operations and do all in our power to reduce potential negative impacts and enhance positive impacts..

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