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I come from a travel-centric background, being the son of an experienced tour operator and a travel agent. Professionally, I have grown in large companies, especially in the transportation sector. Today, I aim to blend my profound industry insights with my managerial vision to establish a forward-thinking, modern, and super-efficient DMC and inbound tour operator.


Meet and Greet Italy is a dynamic inbound tour operator and destination management company (DMC) based in Rome and founded in 2015. Established by industry veterans with extensive experience in the travel and transportation sectors, the company aims to deliver modern, efficient, and innovative travel solutions. Their mission is to simplify the process of booking tours in Italy, offering the best value for money while providing exceptional support and services to travel agencies. They are committed to sustainability and inclusivity, striving to offer each customer a unique Italian experience.


Mission: Offer each customer their own Italy and strive to make our country better than we found it.

Vision: Always committed to making the purchase of a tour in Italy simple and fast, ensuring the best value for money on the market, and providing the best support and services to travel agencies.


The product is an area of innovation for us; we strive to create unique, modern products that are different from what everyone has been doing for the past 30 years.  Our product is designed for English-speaking travelers seeking authentic and curated experiences, with the freedom to customize their journey. The train, offering convenient luggage services at the station or even door-to-door, is more than just a mode of transportation for us. It embodies a philosophy of travel that we see as the smartest way to journey, blending comfort, efficiency and a deeper connection with the landscape and Italian people. That’s why we include it in all our tours.


Meet and Greet Italy offers a variety of travel services, including:

  • Pre & Post Cruise Tours: Tailored tours to enhance cruise experiences. (link)
  • Rail Cruise: Unique travel experiences incorporating train journeys with door-to-door luggage services. (link)
  • Tailor-Made Tours: Personalized itineraries to meet specific client needs. Personalized quotation to send to your clients in less than 24 hours! (link)
  • LGBTQ+ Tours Tailor-Made: Inclusive tours designed to cater to LGBTQ+ travelers. (link)

Our products are innovative, focusing on authentic and curated experiences for English-speaking travelers, emphasizing comfort, efficiency, and a deep connection with Italy’s landscapes and people.

Destinations Served

Meet & Greet Italy Services

Exploring the Beauty of Italy

Pre & Post Cruise Tour

Enhances the cruise experience with customized tours.

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Rail Cruise

Incorporates train journeys for a unique and efficient travel experience.

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Tailor-Made Tour

Fully customized itineraries to suit individual preferences and needs.

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LGBTQ+ Travel

Your Journey, Your Pride, Our Expertise!

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