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The beginning of a new year is always a time for hope and optimism. For those of us in the tourism industry, hope is in much bigger supply than it was this time a year or so ago


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Orion Trek is a Moroccan locally based tour operator founded in 1998 by few adventurers to arrange adventures for various kinds of travellers and a longlasting experience in the travel industry in addition to a professional big team that earned us not just the capability but an advanced experience arranging all the sorts of adventure journeys.
Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, professionals, and experienced tour leaders that know every aspect and corner in Morocco. The team is set up in three departments: Groups, Individuals, and Tailor-Made tours. We only work with registered businesses, and it is highly preferred for us to work with locals rather than big chain hotels to secure a good and authentic experience for the travellers in addition to assisting the local market and families to stand for themselves.

Morocco is well known as a diverse country situated at the top northern of the African continent and also considered the link between Africa and Europe with only a 12 KM away of Spain or the European Union.
The landscape of Morocco offers lots of paradox, geography differs from the northen green to the dry south, the country is maily divided between the Arabs and the Amazigh or Berber Ethnicities with the majority Muslims and some christian and Jewish communities living in harmony.
The traditional side in Morocco is quite rich creating a mosaic and a mixture of Arabic, Berber cultures mixed with the African touch, while for instance, going deeper into the remote areas you can meet some isolated groups like the Tuareg people still living in the traditional tents.

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