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Traveling from my teenage years, backpacking across the Greek Island to seeing the world from behind a camera and microphone as a journalist brought me to the country I now call home: Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Breathe in Travel is a travel agency specializing in the Balkans and created in 2016 by two Breton graduates in Tourism, Quentin Billon and Alan Huet. A project that was born out of a personal trip in 2014 to Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania. A journey in which the two co-founders will not return unscathed, literally falling in love with this little corner of paradise.

Back home, the project matures and quickly takes shape around a common vision based on a deep intuition : the region has enormous untapped potential!

The two accomplices decide to settle in Pristina and undertake a long process of recognition of the territory and local actors in order to carry out their project and create their travel agency meeting the different needs of modern tourism.

After an in-depth study of the tourist potential of the Balkan region, they began to set up tourist circuits with logical routes by varying the cultural and natural highlights of each of these destinations creating unforgettable experiences.

Eager to satisfy travelers venturing into unknown regions, yet close to the sending countries and wishing to offer the best trips, they implement a drastic selection of tourist services (hotel, catering, transport, sports activities) that they offer their customers.

Aware that every traveler wants unique memories of a motley journey, Breathe in Travel embodies a new concept of travel. Indeed, the agency adapts to the profile of the traveler, his desires and interests based on the possibilities offered by such a destination.

“Our trips are developed following localizations and a strong knowledge of the territory, we strive to transcribe in an original and logical way a quality traveling trip. “

Cultural circuits, on the theme of wine, hikes for nature lovers, for thrill seekers or relaxing stays in All Inclusive by the sea, the agency will accompany you throughout your request to satisfy your needs.

Understanding the importance of the development of tourism in the Balkans, the agency regularly updates its proposals for activities, catering, numerous traditional or sports festivals very frequent in the region.

“Ethno Fest in Kukaj” / “Folklorik festival Gjirokastra”

“Tourism is a vector of peace and a guarantee for the economic stability of this region. “

The philosophy of Breathe in Travel is reflected in its slogan “Adventure, Sharing and Discovery”. It means that the team strives to create a real immersion during a trip by sharing the local customs, by encouraging the meeting with its inhabitants of the different ethnic groups represented on the Kosovar flag as well as the understanding of the cultural, political situation. and economical.

It is committed to offering sustainable and inclusive tourism, protecting the environment and the territory that travelers will be required to visit during their stay.

It is important to know that the trips offered on our website or in our brochure can be modified and personalized at any time.

If you are still not convinced, we invite you to discover our video on Albania and Kosovo on this link and our articles on our web page

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