21 days - Exploring Guatemala, Belize and Mexico

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21 days - Exploring Guatemala, Belize and Mexico


This trip has it all. You start of in Antigua, the old colonial capital of Guatemala. You then head for Lake Atitlan. Famous for its colours and towering volcanoes. Next stop is the town of Coban from which you explore the Lanquin caves as well as the terraces of Semuc Champey. The jungle of Tikal awaits you for some good old-fashioned exploring. You then head into Belize and the outdoor capital of San Ignacio where making the ATM excursion is a must. A water taxi takes you to Caye Caulker where not hearing a Bob Marley song would be odd. Of course, we take you out to the famous reef where you will come face to face with nurse sharks and thousands of fish. You then head into Mexico where the laguna of Bacalar awaits. Going to Mexico and not seeing Chichen Itza is unthinkable to we will take you there before ending the trip on an island with white sandy beaches….what a trip!


To give you inspiration we thought it would be helpful to make an overview of places which are definitely worth visiting when you come to the Mundo Maya! See this as a small guide to get acquainted with what we have to offer and we hope this helps you make the right decisions for a future trip you might be planning.

  • Antigua – Probably the first place you sleep after arriving in Guatemala. The iconic clocktower over de road, the pastel coloured buildings. Everything is loungy about Antigua where the squares are cozy and full of life and the nearby Pacaya volcano is worth a visit.

  • Panajachel – Picture the most beautiful postcard: a gorgeous blue lake completed by a few volcanoes and small towns where people still live a life without mobile phones.

  • Chichicastenango – Every Thursday and Sunday this sleepy town is turned into a real happening. But it is not just the market. Churches are full of a mythical feeling and in the surrounding hills old Mayan rituals take place.

  • Quetzaltenango – Xela, as this city is called by the locals, is often overlooked by travellers. The city itself is really worth a visit but the surrounding volcanoes with hot springs and local markets make it even more worth your while.

  • Tikal – If you want to awaken the Indiana Jones in you then this is the place to be. It is also a wonderful place for those who love nature and that mystical feel in the morning. The temples in Tikal are magnificent any time of the day and a must visit!

  • Flores – This small town derived its fame from nearby Tikal but it does also do well on its own. It lies on a small island in a lake which makes the town very compact and nice to discover. Nearby jungle excursions are easily organised as well.

  • Rio Dulce / Livingston – A trip on the Rio Dulce is a wonderful experience. You lazily float along the river to end up in Livingston where the local population gives the place a really laid back feel. It is mostly mangroves here but some secluded beaches can be found.

  • Coban / Lanquin / Semuc Champey –  Visiting Coban is visiting the gorgeous limestone plateaus and pool of Semuc Champey. Add to that the cave systems at Lanquin and you have an amazing day out.

  • Copan (Honduras) – Copan is a small village in the mystical mountains of western Honduras. This picturesque town serves as a starting point to the ruins of Copan, which count as one of the most important sites of the Mayan civilization.

Day to day description

Day 1: Arrival Guatemala City

As you step out of the terminal at Guatemala International Airport, your adventure begins. You
will be greeted by our transport team and taken directly to your hotel in the colonial town (and
former capital of Guatemala) Antigua.


Day 2: Antiques at Antigua

You will have a full day to explore the beautiful center of Antigua, with its many churches,
surrounding volcanos, pretty central square and hidden treasures. You could also visit the nearby
volcano, Pacaya. The volcano has an altitude of 2600 meters and you will climb about 700 meters.
On top you will see cracks in the earth with sulfur steam that is coming out of it. Only if the
volcano is really active you have a good chance to see red lava coming out of the volcano. When
this happens, you cannot get very close to the crater. The way down is spectacular!


Day 3: To the shores of Lake Atitlan

The shuttle transfer will take you to the mountainous greenery toward the beautiful Lake Atitlan.
On arrival, you can explore the original hippy retreat that has grown to become modern


Day 4: A visit to Maximon
If you decide to take the boat across the lake you come to the small town of Santiago de Atitlan.
Kids will be waiting for you to show you Maximon. A deity that is worshipped with money and
cigars. A very special treat that should not be missed.
Day 5: A long long ride to Coban

It is a travel day today. There is really not much to tell except maybe the spectacular views that
abound on your trip today.


Day 6: The reason why you travelled to Coban in the first place

After pick up you will drive towards Semuc Champey. On your way you will make a five-minutes
stop at the observation point “Aldea Cojaj”. Arriving Semuc Champey you will discover the natural
beauty and go swimming in the pools of limestone. The ideal place to relax and enjoy the nature.
Afterwards you continue your journey towards the caves of Kamba.

Day 7: To the jungle of Tikal
You first head to Flores, a small town on Peten Lake. That is where we will be waiting for you. We
will bring you right into the heart of the jungle to Tikal. Here you will sleep in a very nice lodge
right next to the ruins.
Day 8: Nature at its finest

The howler monkeys will make sure you wake up on time to see the sun come up on the temples
of Tikal. Whether you hire a guide or not is completely up to you. Be sure to be on the lookout for
coatis and tucans who call the temples their playground.


Day 9: From Spanish to Pigeon English

Today you will travel to the adventurous town of San Ignacio. San Ignacio is a small town in the
Cayo region of Belize. San Ignacio, or Cayo as it is often called locally, is on the Macal river, and
makes a good and affordable base for exploration of the stunning regions around it. Cayo is known
for having a multitude of ruins, caves, and rivers, all of which can be explored by travelers.


Day 10: The ATM excursion, no it has nothing to do with bikes.
Today we take you on the ATM cave tour: ATM stands for Actun Tunichil Muknal….Mayan words
meaning “cave of the stone sepulchral”. It is a burial place. You can walk and swim through dry
and wet caves to witness a living museum under the ground… a must do for any visitor to Belize.
Day 11: Bob Marley, here we come!

Today a transfer will take you to the water taxi terminal in Belize City, where you can take a quick
water taxi to the tropical island of Caye Caulker. You will arrive on the island with plenty of time
for a relaxing evening on this “go-slow” island.


Day 12: Chill mon…….

A free day to relax and enjoy your island paradise to the maximum… either in a hammock under
the palm trees or on a rented golf buggy exploring this tiny tropical treasure… join the crowd at
the Split for a beer and enjoy the beautiful sunset.


Day 13: I am sailing, I am sailing…..

Today you will take a sailboat ride to the nearby reef and have the opportunity to snorkel in
various sites to swim with sharks, rays and turtles among the colorful reef fish. In the afternoon
you will return to the island for a relaxing evening.


Day 14: To Laguna Bacalar

You take a water taxi back to Belize City after which you get a transfer with international tourists
to Mexico. Eventually you will end up at Laguna Bacalar. A wonderful place where the lagune will
baffle you with its amazing colors!


Day 15: Explore Laguna Bacalar by kayak
In the morning we will take you on a kayak tour to get to know this laguna with its amazing colors.
But there is so much more. Kingfishers in the branches as well as well camouflaged iguana’s will be
watching you curiously. In the nearby town there is an amazing cenote (a natural made sweet
water hole) which is also well worth a visit.
Dag 16: On to Valladolid

You will take the bus to Valladolid, a “pueblo magico” or magical town. The town square is an ideal
place to try a marquesita. A local delicacy!

Day 17: Exploring Chichen Itza, Valladolid and cenotes

Today Chichen Itza awaits you! Your tour leaves early from Valladolid to be at the archaeological
site before the crowds arrive and to avoid the heat. A professional certified guide will explain you
about this New World Wonder. After the guided tour you´ll have enough free time to enjoy the
place and take some nice pictures. The next stop will be a refreshing dip in an open cenote after
which a short drive brings you back town of Valladolid in the afternoon.

Day 18: A trip to paradise

You will take a bus to Chiquila, and from here the ferry to Isla Holbox. In the coming days, you can
enjoy the pristine white beaches that this small island has to offer.

Day 19 & 20: Relax and get a tan

Well, that is certainly an option but you have the option from June to September to head out on a
boat in search of manta rays and whale sharks!
The island is abundant with murals; you can find one on almost every street corner, each more
beautiful than the other. Renting a bike is a highly recommended activity, as it allows you to
explore the island in a fun and efficient way. Isla Holbox is truly a place to savor and enjoy.

Day 21: Hasta luego Mexico!

You take the ferry back where we will be waiting to put you on a plane back home……..

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