19 days - The best Mexico has to offer!

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19 days - The best Mexico has to offer!


You start your trip in Mexico City. This city has so much to offer that you could easily spend a week here, but we narrowed it down to the absolute highlights. Then you head to Puebla and Oaxaca, two cities steeped in tradition and surrounded by mighty volcanoes. From here you fly to Cancun where you get into your rental car and head to the wonder that is Chichen Itza. From there you explore the gorgeous city of Merida before heading to the jungle city of Calakmul. The amazing colours of Laguna Bacalar are next before you end your trip on the bounty island of Isla Mujeres.

Day to day description

Day 1: Bienvenidos! Welcome to Mexico, mi casa es tu casa! (My home is your home).
Your adventure has begun! You will be greeted by our transport team at the airport and taken to
your hotel in the heart of Mexico City where you will recover from your long flight and gently get
used to the Mexican weather and time zone.
Day 2: Discover the town
Mexico City is one of the most enjoyable destinations. Its historic center, better known as Zocalo, is
declared World Heritage by UNESCO and is the heart of a living culture that exudes everything
accumulated since the founding of Tenochtitlan. We take you on a city tour to see the most
impressive sights.
Day 3: Tolantongo here we come

Hardly anyone knows this place. Yes, it is quite a drive but the rewards are amazing. Deep in a local
mountain range lie the hot springs. They are nice but we suggest you head to the river filled with
warm water for you to bathe in and then head to the caves surrounded by amazing waterfalls. Inside
the caves the water is warm, something you never experienced before. At the end of the day you
get back to Mexico City (optional day tour)
Another option could be to take a boat ride around Xochimilco, visit Frida Kahlo’s house in Coyoacan
or explore the pre-Hispanic site of Teotihuacan, and climb the impressive buildings, including the
massive pyramids of the sun and the moon.

Day 4: To the City of Angels
A first-class bus will take you to Puebla, the city of angels. You will travel through miles of the urban
sprawl before reaching the open highway and the mountains of the state of Puebla. The city of Puebla is overshadowed by two volcanoes contrasting with its highly decorated colonial buildings and colorful streets which according to a legend, were created by angels for humans to enjoy.. 
Day 5: Oaxaca, the old Mexican way
Another bus ride takes you to Oaxaca. Soon after your arrival you can start to explore the street and
parks of this colourful city – full of handicrafts, food stalls, museums, and churches.
Day 6: Biking down Monte Alban

Today you go on a self-guided tour to discover the mountain top ruins of the Zopotecan/ Mixtecan
city of Monte Alban which sits 10km outside of Oaxaca. You will be taken to Monte Alban, with your
bike, in a van then after visiting the ruins you can make your own way back to the city via some of
the surrounding villages famous for their markets and handicrafts. On arrival, you can drop off your
bike, enjoy a well-deserved rest and try some local food!

Dag 7: On to one of the wonders of the world
You fly to Cancun where you swiftly pick up your rental car. You will end up at a wonderful
hacienda which actually has a hidden entrance to Chichen Itza. The trick to visiting it to either go in
the early morning or late afternoon. Then crowds are not so big and you can enjoy the site in all its
grandeur. Even better would be a visit to the sound and light show!
Day 8: Exploring Chichen Itza, Valladolid and cenotes
There is so much more to do in the area. A short drive brings you to the town of Valladolid. The
town square is an ideal place to try a marquesita. A local delicacy! There are also plenty of cenotes
in the area. Ik Kil is really close to your accommodation but there are more exciting ones to be
found. Xak Ek is exquisite and well-hidden although nowadays it is well signposted. The cenotes of
Xkeken are found in caves which are also a site to behold.
Day 9: to Merida

Today you have a short distance to cover. It will be about a 2 hours’ drive to get to the town of
Merida, locally also known as the White Town. It will be a nice change to walk in the city centre full
of gorgeous squares and churches. The zocalo, the town square, is always a place where every
evening people gather to discuss the day.

Day 10: Market visit and a cooking class
This morning you will be picked up at your hotel and you head to the market to do groceries. You
will then head to the kitchen and see if you are able to really prepare some typical local dishes.
Tortillas made from scratch, maybe even a mole sauce, anything is possible! The Mexican kitchen
is so rich in flavors that it will make your head spin. If time allows do check out Uxmal, an old
Mayan city. You could also do this tomorrow morning.
Day 11: The old Maya city of Calakmul
You cross the peninsula to the entrance of the site of Calakmul where you sleep in a small but
wonderful hotel. If time allows you could visit Etna, another archeological site on the way. But also
around Calakmul there is plenty to see. There is a very impressive bat cave where you just have to
be at dusk to be amazed.
Day 12: Calakmul; be Indiana Jones!
This complex is much like Tikal in Guatemala. In fact, when you reach it on a clear day you can see
Tikal. The road to Calakmul is windy and very small. If you drive to Calakmul in the early morning
you might very well spot wildlife along the way. Chances are actually that howler monkeys will
wake you up! You can explore the site on your own but hiring a guide for Calakmul or a jungle hike
is also a great option.
Day 13: To Laguna Bacalar
Back to the Caribbean to end up at Laguna Bacalar in about 2 hours driving. A wonderful place
where the lagune will baffle you with its amazing colours!
Day 14: Explore Laguna Bacalar by kayak

In the morning we will take you on a kayak tour to get to know this laguna with it’s amazing colors.
But there is so much more. Kingfishers in the branches as well as well camouflaged iguana’s will be
watching you curiously. In the nearby town there is an amazing cenote (a natural made sweet
water hole) which is also well worth a visit.

Day 15: A jungle stop with options
Chemuyil is a small fishing town. For you it will be a night in the jungle here as you sleep in a well
tucked away resort where birds outnumber humas. This stay allows you to go snorkeling with
turtles in Akumal but you can also take the short drive to Tulum where the boulevard at sea is a
very, very popular place for the happy few.
Day 16: A trip to paradise

You drop your rental car in Cancun and take the ferry to Isla Mujeres. Even though this island is
right opposite Cancun it still has all of its charm. Laid back is the magic word here! Your hotel is
right by the sea and the white sand will be beckoning you.


Day 17 & 18: Relax and get a tan

Well, that is certainly an option but much like Isla Holbox you have the option from June to
September to head out on a boat in search of manta rays and whale sharks! If you want something
else, then white sand and turquoise waters then head to northern side where cliffs host some very
nice restaurants.


Day 19: Hasta luego Mexico!

You take the ferry back where we will be waiting to put you on a plane back home……..

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