Ever since its establishment, Wind of Mongolia continues to put together new routes, routes which are innovative, cultural, physically challenging, or simply to discover life in the heart of the steppes.
Joël will be your main contact, whether for summer or winter trails; his knowledge of the country will help you to quickly determine together the trip which will suit you best.

Our agency aims to be a specialized agency
Wind of Mongolia benefits from more than 10 years of experience, and Joël is the director. A professional guide, he relocated to Mongolia, eager to introduce his clients to the universe of Mongolian nomads, the immensity of the steppes, the mountains and the deserts. With a wealth of experience, and especially a passion for his profession as a guide, he imagined and put into place himself the circuits that Wind of Mongolia offers you today.
Wind of Mongolia proposes truly unique routes, created with a professional eye and especially with incomparable on-the-ground experience.

Explore the winds of Mongolia!