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A country the size of a continent, Brazil is a vast and beautiful land of diverse cultures and fantastical landscapes. Brazil offers dazzling sights of a different flavor: majestic waterfalls, red-rock canyons, crystal-clear rivers, untouched tropical forest in the Amazon, South America´s biggest wetlands; the Pantanal, music-filled metropolises, colonial architecture and above all, almost 200 million happy people.

Jacaré Travel is a Brazilian tour operator specialized in B2B travel arrangements. The company has been created by a Dutch biologist, who decided after extensive traveling all over the South American continent, sharing the treasures he discovered with the rest of the world.

Whatever the interest of your clients may be, Jacaré Travel can provide you with a personalized trip which they will never forget. We offer nature, adventure- and culture based roundtrips in one of the most beautiful, diverse, and fascinating countries in the world.

Bem vindo ao Brazil!