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FKLM Ethiopia Tours is a reputable tour service provider based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Equipped with knowledgeable & experienced team members, it is a socially responsible and environmentally friendly travel company. Since our establishment in 2012 we have been striving to provide the maximum quality service to our clients and expand our destinations. Starting from 2016, FKLM Ethiopia has started tours to Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Somaliland and Djibouti. Our strength lays in our full knowledge of our working environment and the corresponding tourist resources. We update our knowledge constantly so that we can design customized holidays for our clients and offer them the best experience possible.

Our tours in Ethiopia tours will enable you visit, Historical route like Bahir Dar, Gondar, Lalibela, etc. The historical Ethiopia tours route of Ethiopia can be combined with one of the best destinations in Tigray region, Geratltha and Danakil Depression in Afar region with a great possibility of visiting Ertale Active Volcano and Sulphur Lakes. Of Course, you can also trek on the Semien Mountains, Wollo mountain chains, etc.

A friend to the environment!

Membership Level Partner
Founded in 2012
Number of staff 11
Destinations served Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somaliland
Language(s) spoken in office(s) English, German, Amharic
Target markets Europe,  North & South America, Asia

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We have a small selection of the tours we can offer on our website which can be found here. For more information about tours please contact us.

FKLM Tours - GM Molla Miheretu Wedajnew

1. How did you end up working in the tourism industry?
I have been interested in history and literature since my childhood. As history reference books weren’t adequate in my school, Lonely Planet guidebook was one of my references for my history classes. The fact that I was born in Lalibela added a great interest in pursuing of the travel and tourism profession. I did my BA degree in Tourism development. I had the chance also to do my internship in the oldest and biggest travel company in Ethiopia. The above points are pushing factors for me to find myself in the tourism industry.

2. What inspired you to start this company?
My first trip abroad was to Germany. What most people know about Ethiopia is war and famine, not THE FACT that Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations in the world: the origin of humankind, the land of the queen of Sheba, birthplace of coffee, unspoiled culture, one of the friendliest people, and great weather. I realize the gap between the perception and the reality. I appointed myself as a cultural Ambassador to make the hidden treasure known to the world.

3. Describe your first sale/customer?
My first customers were a Scottish couple who booked a two-day excursion outside Addis Ababa. The first inquiry sent to my professional email address. I was so happy and excited; I wanted to be their driver guide.
The first day: we drove to Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church, which is made from a single rock. Then, I wanted to show them more, so we drove 70 km extra to visit Tiya stelae field. The expenses incurred were already for what they have paid for two days. So we ended up spending 57USD extra from our pockets at the end of the tour. However, we profited a recommendation, “A company that goes the extra mile.” YES, this would have been our motto if we weren’t a “friend to the environment.” We are a true friend to our community and our environment, and we are working day and night to take our commitment to the next level.
After two years, our first customers linked us with a company based in Edinburgh, and we received the biggest group from Scotland.

4. What was your first tour like – and what has changed compared to your most recent?
The first two tours were short and budget. Now we have tours operated by charter flights to accommodations in home-stays. We have now the biggest number of tours in Ethiopia.
Since 2016, we have provided ground handling services to Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Somaliland, Seychelles, Tanzania, and Zanzibar.

5. What part of the company are you most proud of and why?
The part of the company I am most proud is the ethical standards we follow and quick communication. We highly understand the importance of trust and reliability for our customers plus prompt responses to inquiries. For example, we respond emails latest in 4 hours during workings and 24 hours for quotations.

6. What do you feel sets your company apart from other DMC’s?
The fact that we are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We are in the process of providing Carbon neutral services to our partners and customers. We also support social causes.

7. What does a standard working day look like for you?
My day starts with a visit to the gym at about 6 am. I work from home between 7:30-10: 00 am. I check emails and set the daily plan during this time.
Mornings are for meeting and discussion times with my colleagues.
Afternoons: meetings with suppliers and partners.

Thursdays are very special to me. I give time to deal with personal issues and tasks related to social projects. I am engaged in several life-changing community projects with my Rotary club of Addis Ababa Bole. We meet every Thursday.

8. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
I must go to the gym…

9. What keeps you up at night?
Every guide and driver has to make a short trip report of the day by email or over the phone to the office manager or me. If we don’t get any report, then it becomes tough for me to sleep. The good thing is that they know how important reporting is to us, so they do and I rarely stay awake.

10. What other CEOs do you look up to and why?
The CEO of Ethiopian airline, Mr Tewolde Gebremariam, is someone I refer to. He always has something great to tell to media. Since he joined in 2011, Ethiopian has won at least three awards every year, and it became the biggest airline in Africa.

11. Where do you see the company in 5 years?
I see our company become the best for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. How? By contributing to the integral development of Ethiopia.

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