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Charmission Travel is one of the leading inbound travel companies in China, with its head office in Beijing and a branch office in Zhengzhou, China. We are experienced in and good at making great China trips and taking care of travelers in China. We are enthusiastic about helping you know and experience more about China.

Discover the Charm of China !

Membership Level Partner
Founded in 2014
Number of staff 20
Destinations served China
Language(s) spoken in office(s) English, Chinese
Target markets Europe, India and all English speaking markets

Your service is just unparalleled! We just love to work with your team. So quick, so efficient and responsible!

Outbound Tour Operator
We want to let you know we had a wonderful time in China. Everything was arranged perfectly. Hotels were located at very convenient places in every city. Pick-ups were there as agreed and the guided tours we booked were amazing J Thanks a lot for your help and also the help of the other contacts at all locations. We hope to be travelling with Charmission again in future. All the best.

We have a small selection of the tours we can offer on our website which can be found here. For more information about tours please contact us.

CEO Angie Guo - Charmission Travel

1. How did you end up working in the tourism industry?
When I graduated from university in 1999, after several rounds of interviews, I entered a big travel company and have been working in tourism industry since then. This was a relatively new industry (called sunrise industry) in China at that time and I felt there should be much space for growing.

2. What inspired you to start this company?
I wanted to build a company culture that I like, which enables people to work happily, grow together.

3. Describe your first sale/customer:
In 1999, one of my colleagues asked me to receive an American traveller as a tour guide in Zhengzhou who became my first customer. He returned to China once a year in the following several years, all tours arranged by me. Once I asked who his best tour guide in China was and he said it was me because I was sincere and always trying to do my best. He said one day I should have a company named Charming Travel and hence the “Charm” in “Charmission”.

4. What was your first tour like – and what has changed compared to your most recent?
We always have various markets and our customers have different kinds of requests. We have been doing tours according to customers’ needs and this has not changed.

5. What part of the company are you most proud of and why?
My team are eager to learn and grow and we are like families and friends. This is the goal I want to achieve when I set up the company. Our business then keeps growing naturally.

6. What do you feel sets your company apart from other DMC’s?
I don’t know much about other DMCs. I am confident in what and how we are doing and believe our customers will all recognize our value. One tour operator told me: “All your team members have the same high spirit. I can feel they all have the same goal.”

7. What does a standard working day look like for you?
In the morning I go walking in a beautiful park nearby for 1-2 hours while listening to some courses I am interested in or just doing some random thinking. This makes my mind peaceful and clear; makes me cherish what I have and feel happy. Then I work on some usual stuff, doing things according to priority and communicating with my colleagues etc.

8. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Honestly it is my son. He always wants me to get up to have breakfast with him. I’d like to sleep more. 

9. What keeps you up at night?
I read books and also get much information and knowledge from internet. I always want to know more of the world.

10. What other CEOs do you look up to and why?
No specific ones. I learn from different CEOs and do it my own way.

11. Where do you see the company in 5 years?
I don’t have a certain target. We will keep growing and be better, stronger and bigger.

The Travelife Certified status is the most comprehensive and rigorous of the three stages for excellence in sustainability. The partners in our network are working continuously to make travel both socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and endorses systems that offset carbon emissions caused by long distance travel. We are happy to work with tour operators around the world to increase sustainable, small scale tourism.

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