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We at Jerusalem T&T have been members in GD for one full year now.  It is not so often that a membership and active participation in a professional organization actually brings the results it was intended for.  I certainly can say that our membership in GD has been nothing but that.  First the friendliness and open cooperation between the members is great.  They do not hesitate to share information, they are very helpful and will provide you with all the data you need for any market you are interested in penetrating.  The management of GD also goes above and beyond in helping all the members and in finding the best channels for all to be introduced to new markets and expand in existing ones.  The advantage you get with Global Discovery is simply that – you become a part of a Global DMC, and you enjoy all the benefits of going GLOBAL.

Omar Atallah CEO, Jerusalem T&T

When you are a small company, its quite difficult to keep up with competition, offer a great operation to your customers, maintain a strong booking engine and a large list of more and more costs. Having someone who can give you a hand somehow is a great asset. With Global Discovery I have found that many actions that I used to do on my own are now much easier and more efficient through them. Only for that it would deserve the investment, but there is also the great networking item and the fantastic marketplace you can generate through them. That is really worth every euro you pay

Antonio Gomez Coronado CEO, SpainTop

Pure! has been one of the founding members of GD, we have seen the development of this company and I’m very proud to say that GD has turned into a marketing platform that is now giving added value thru their shared database and participation in several travel shows around the world. Another positive feature is that they actually listen to the members…so someone with a great idea will be heard and Omar, Guido or Rob will take immediate action to see if this is a hit to all of the members involved. I strongly believe we can make huge steps together, as long as we stay and work united and trust in the power of a worldwide marketing effort thru GD.

Bram Evers CEO, Pure Travel Group