Global Discovery is a network of reliable Destination Management Companies or DMCs covering around 60+ countries, but with outbound tour operating customers and contacts across Europe and North-America. In fact we have a 12.000+ contact database of outbound tour operators and travel agents around the world. We are specialized in active tourism and soft adventure, covering dozens of countries on all continents. We cooperate on marketing and introducing outbound tour operators to each other. Together we serve almost 350 outbound tour operators worldwide, from very large ones to small specialists and we refer business to each other. Our DMCs cover anything from FIT tours to scheduled departure groups tours and everything in between. Our members love small scale soft adventure and experience-based tourism, keeping sustainability in mind.  Are you a DMC then you can join us! Find more information on the how, why and when of a membership.

“With Global Discovery I have found that many actions that I used to do on my own are now much easier and more efficient through them.”

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