More and more the travel trade is confused about the fast changing habits of today’s travelers. Intrepid travelers these days easily mix buying a ticket, renting an AirBnB apartment, an hour before booked city walk with an all-inclusive five day trek to see the yearly salmon run in British Columbia, Canada. For the tour operator it is getting more and more difficult to keep track of these habits, but key to all of this is understanding the customer.
Amadeus has come up with a very interesting report written by the Future Foundation, gives an interesting insight into the future trends of travel groups. The report forecasts six types of travellers, or “tribes”, that will be influential in the future.

The six tribes they discern are:

• Obligation Meeters, people who organize touristic visits around their travels for business, work and family affairs.
• Simplicity Searchers, who value above everything else transparency and seamless travel in their planning and holidaymaking, and are willing to outsource their decision-making to trusted parties.
• Cultural Purists, who use traveling as an opportunity to immerse into an unfamiliar culture, looking to break themselves entirely from their home lives and engage with a different way of living.
• Social Capital Seekers, travelers who understand that to be well-travelled is an enviable personal quality and their choices are shaped by their desire to take maximal social reward from their travel.
• Reward Hunters, who use travel as an opportunity for mental, physical and indeed spiritual enrichment, cordoning off space and time for essentially self-centered activities.
• Ethical Travelers, who allow their conscience to be their guide when organizing and undertaking their travel. They may make concessions to environmental concerns or let their political ideals shape their choices.

With this segmentation, the report brakes away with traditional segmentation of the travel market in brackets like age, income etc. This report is essential read for people in the travel trade.

To find out more, you can download the full report from this page