How to end the membership?


If you wish to end your membership, you need do that before October 1 of the preceding year. This is to avoid us making costs [...]

How to end the membership?2017-05-02T15:14:47+01:00

How do the payments work?


Membership is annually and the invoice for the full year is payable up front before 31 January. The reason is that our largest costs are [...]

How do the payments work?2017-05-02T15:16:06+01:00

What do we consider being the Micro destinations?


To avoid confusion we consider the following destination eligible for a Micro level membership; Afghanistan*, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola*, Antigua and Barbuda, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Barbados, [...]

What do we consider being the Micro destinations?2017-05-02T15:16:16+01:00

Any notes on the memberships?


As mentioned above we have four different types of membership. It is possible to move up to partner level coming from one of the other [...]

Any notes on the memberships?2017-05-02T15:16:24+01:00
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