The effect of e-visas for tourists from over a hundred countries visiting India is slowly becoming visible. The arduous visa process has long been a drag on the development of India’s tourism industry. Steps were finally taken to improve the process with the introduction of e-visas that could be acquired online in advance. While the initial effect in 2014 was negligible due to unfamiliarity with the program, a huge uptick in the visa program is noticeable in 2015. During September of this year a total of 31,729 tourist arrived on e-Tourist visa, as compared to 2,170 during the month of September 2014, so it is clear the program is getting traction. Total tourism arrival numbers were up by 6.1{cade3cd6ea44c9e099402f61e95e983e8f83ab951f3ff944c0038bbba399d24f} compared to a year ago. At present e-Tourist visa facility is available for citizens of 113 countries arriving at 16 airports in India.

Another factor aiding the growth of inbound tourism is the sharp decrease in air fare prices into India, mainly through heavy discounting from the Middle Eastern carriers and Asian low costs airlines.

While statistics from the Indian government are notoriously slow and unreliable the overall impression within the industry is that inbound travel into India from outside Asia is picking up at a steady pace and expectations are high for 2016 to be a bumper year for arrivals from Asia, Europe, the UK and North America.