Some countries are hot this year and most likely ongoing trendy in 2017 for all kinds of different reasons. This is where we think your opportunities are. But fast growth destinations have their own logistical issues, which means you need well established, well organized DMCs to cover them. Because we focus a lot on process management, based on state-of-the-art reservation systems, Global Discovery DMCs are ready to handle large numbers of FIT’s, groups as well as tailor made requests. Our passion for our destinations is of course our first love, but efficient handling of tours is as important. Get in touch and convince yourselves of our capacity to handle your business.

Sri Lanka, a booming paradise!
Six years after the end of the civil war, the country’s tourism infrastructure has improved dramatically and with the wonderful variety of culture, landscapes, lush tropical beaches, short distances and fair priced hotels, Sri Lanka is booming and more and more nice hotels pop up in remote corners of the beautiful island. For more information, check with our member DMC Acme Travels

Colombia, just for travelers!
This amazing destination is easily the most diverse country of Latin America and it has been discovered by the discerning traveler. Colombia’s tourism is gathering pace, while still not playing an overwhelming role in the country’s day to day life. Its past reputation has given way to the new reality of a vibrant, welcoming country. The diversity of mountains, beaches, jungles, savannahs, ancient towns and wild nightlife, tropical islands and ice clad volcanos is mind boggling. Do you have Colombia on offer? Do you need experts who know every nook and corner of the country? Contact Pure Colombia or visit them at Berlin’s ITB.

Cuba, now is the time!
Travelers have been saying “now is the time to visit” Cuba for years, but with the re-establishment of US–Cuban relations last year, the statement holds more weight than ever today. The resulting increase in tourism, investment and consumer culture is set to cause radical changes on the island. Already, exciting new bars, restaurants and art centers like the Fabrica de Arte Cubano have started springing up in Havana, but old Havana and the rural gems beyond the capital still remain in their former state for the time being. Now really is the time to go before the American invasion starts to change the dynamics of this friendly, relaxed island.
Want a DMC that can deliver results in this not very well organized country? Contact Cuba Incentives or meet us at the ITB

India, easy access through e-visa
E-visas is the magic word making India more accessible than ever. Remember the bad old days with ridiculous time and money consuming visa procurement rules? They are done away with. Citizens of over 80 countries can now apply for an e-visa online and avoid the old nonsense. Now is the time to promote India as a destination, it was never that easy to get there
Our local DMC is a specialist in the fine touch of itineraries, not only in the traditional tourism areas in Northern India, but also in more remote places like Tamil Nadu Kerala, Odisha (Orissa) and the North-Eastern states.  Contact Travel XS TravelXS or visit them at the ITB Berlin

Indonesia, more than Bali!
Bali covers less than one percent of Indonesia and tourists are beginning to discover the many other islands of the largest archipelago in the world. West Papua, Sulawesi, Sumatra or Flores are some of the remote places where you can bring your guests to and the countries is one of the cheapest to travel in worldwide! Want to know more about the possibilities? Want to get fresh itineraries?
Contact Happy Trails Indonesia. Alternatively you might wanna visit us at ITB

Iceland, the closest remote destination we have!
A short flight away a lot of European and American destinations, Iceland has become increasingly and a place for short adventure trips across rugged mountains and volcanic landscapes, watch whales or a place to see the northern lights. Tourism is booming, also because it has become less expensive to get there due to low cost airlines.
Want to get your short adventure programs ready? Visit us at the ITB Berlin or contact GoNorth.

Myanmar, ancient culture in the 21st century
The last of the Asian destinations that is still deeply mired in history and ancient culture and not overhauled by the modern world yet. Still changes are going fast and the tourism numbers are increasing rapidly. Myanmar tourism will grow again wildly in 2016. Get your programs ready from a DMC that knows the place: meet Khiri Travel at the stand at the ITB or contact them here

Peru, booming and versatile
Visiting Peru with all its beauty is something that has become very popular the last few years. It has become a destination for many and could be a hot seller in your assortment, especially with more direct flights from Europe coming online (London was the latest)! Peru is the country where you can find history, adventure and a wide variety of activities for the trip of a lifetime. In Peru you can enjoy the most luxurious train through the breathtaking landscapes of the Andes trip; back to the times of the Incas, visiting one of the seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, and be amazed by the Inca architecture; visit the second deepest canyon in the world, the Colca Canyon, and witness the majestic flight of the condor; and fly over the enigmatic Nazca Lines that is unknown to date source among many other activities you can do in this country. Peru will be a smasher in 2016! Got your programs ready?
Contact Pure Peru or visit them at the ITB Berlin

Nepal is back on its feet again
After the devastating earthquakes of 2015, Nepal has bounced back with tremendous speed and while thousands are still rebuilding their chattered homes, the country is working hard at restoring its landmarks. Trekking routes have reopened and the people are happy to see the visitors return. Our member DMC has worked hard at many projects to get houses restored and not one of the lodges used by Royal Mountain Travel had serious damage, in part due to a strict system of checks implemented over the years. This is the year to come back to this wonderfully diverse country, not only in nature, with its towering peaks, thick jungles and rolling foothills, but also with its cultural landscape made up of Hinduism and Buddhism, of Indian and Tibetan influences and most of all, such amazingly friendly, welcoming people. Meet our Nepali friends at the ITB Berlin or contact them direct.

Southern Africa, safari was never cheaper
The beautiful southern tip of Africa has become a lot more attractive because of? Exactly, currency devaluation. In the last 2 years the South African Rand and Namibian Dollar have gone down by more than 30{cade3cd6ea44c9e099402f61e95e983e8f83ab951f3ff944c0038bbba399d24f}, making travel there a lot cheaper. Now is the time to update your product there and let your customers go on a safari cheaper than ever before.
Want to know more? Visit our South-African friends at the ITB Berlin or contact them.