Costa Rica. A Magical Paradise in Central America

||Costa Rica. A Magical Paradise in Central America

Costa Rica. A Magical Paradise in Central America

Costa Rica’s strikingly diverse terrain — lush forests, wildlife reserves, and tropical beaches offers a little something for every traveler. Whether your customers seek sun, nature or adventure, there’s much to discover in this paradise. Costa Rica is unique in having more of its territory protected in national parks, biological reserves, and wildlife refuges than any other nation on earth. A dozen distinct eco-systems, all within less than a day’s drive of each other, contain tremendous tropical biodiversity.
Discover 10 more reasons why you should also consider Costa Rica as a great destination to attract new customers and increase your sales.


1. It’s the world’s happiest country. According to the most recent Happy Planet Index which aims to measure human well-being and environmental impact, Costa Rica is the most satisfying place in which to live. It has an HPI score of 44.7, putting it just above Mexico and Colombia.

2. Costa Rica has no army. The constitution of peace-loving Costa Rica has forbidden a standing army since 1949 and it is now the home of the United Nations University for Peace.

3. Costa Rica plans to become carbon neutral by 2021. A noble goal. You can help by offering our tailor made itineraries with eco lodges to your customers. With many eco-friendly hotels and lodges across the country and by attempting to be as low-impact as possible, you can feel good about offering Costa Rica to your customers and they about visiting.


4. Costa Rica is so biodiverse. Including Costa Rica in your list of destinations will enable you to attract the nature-based tourism market, accounting for about 20% of the total international travelers and expecting to continue to grow, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 2016. Costa Rica hosts five per cent of the world’s biodiversity, even though it makes up just 0.03 per cent of the planet. Around a quarter of the country is part of a protected forest or reserve.

5. Small hotels. One of the attractive aspects of working with CRS Tours is that for the most part, we only work with distinctive, smaller-sized hotels in Costa Rica and not with big franchise chains. These are hotels where personalized service, details and quality count. Charming rustic cabins, hilltop cottages and quirky self-catering eco-houses set in the jungle are just a few of the alternative stays we offer in Costa Rica.

6. Costa Rica is a heaven for volcano lovers. There are more than a dozen volcanoes in Costa Rica, including Arenal, which is 5,358 feet high.

7. The food. Costa Rica has its own delicious national cuisine, and the country is also a huge grower of coffee, bananas and chocolate. Costa Rican cuisine is hearty and always satisfying. Generous portions, fresh-brewed coffee ( among the best in the world, you can take our word for it! ) and fruit in every shape, size and color fill the tables.

8. Costa Rica has some of the world’s best beaches. Costa Rica has nearly 300 different beaches along its stunning Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, each with a unique draw and distinct setting. Well over 99 per cent of the coastal land of Costa Rica is protected by maritime zones, which prohibits construction within 200 meters of the high tide mark. Beachside hotels and boardwalks you will not find here; Instead expect to spot wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, parrots and toucans in the jungle that lines the fluffy, fine sands.

9. The wildlife. Animal-lovers will be spoilt for choice with everything from sloths to caiman and capuchins to dolphins calling the conservationist’s dream their home. Costa Rica is also the world’s hummingbird capital. With 52 different species we are on top of the list and a priority destination for birdwatchers.


10. Activities. Several rivers in Costa Rica, including the longest, Pacuare, are famous for white-water rafting, while Lake Arenal is a top windsurfing and kitesurfing destination. You can also explore the country’s teeming rain forest canopy on a zip-line tour. In addition, a rich marine diversity makes Costa Rica popular with anglers and snorkelers.

Offer an exceptional experience!

It’s easy to understand why Costa Rica appeals to nature and wildlife seekers. Our small-scale ecotourism paved the way for a growing international market. Take advantage of our local knowledge and experience in Costa Rica to offer your clients unforgettable experiences in this beautiful and diverse country!