Chile Amps National Parks Investment

Chile continues to make good on its 2015 pledge to create new opportunities for travel within the country along with its dedication to sustainable tourism.
The country is pushing the limits of its commitment to preserving its natural treasures by dedicating more land and resources to the development of an epic route that will link a number of the country’s national parks.

The parks also create a wide variety of opportunities for visitors, ranging from adventurous pursuits in Patagonia to birdwatching in the altiplano:

Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine is probably Chile’s most well known national park. It is also one of the largest, encompassing mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers in the nation’s southern Patagonia region.

Visitors flock to the park in great numbers. More than half of the tourists here are foreigners who come from around the world to see the area’s brilliant blue glaciers and iconic towering peaks. [read more on…..]