Membership is annually and the invoice for the full year is payable up front before 31 January. The reason is that our largest costs are travel fairs and these quite often need to be paid months ahead. If you want to join during a year, we will agree on a fee payable till the end of the calendar year, based on what activities are still happening in those months and if we can insert you on time in a new brochure etc. For details of the cost per membership, please click here.
Additional costs will be charged per the service provided. In the case that we mediate actively to get you an account or a booking with a tour operator that is not working with you yet, we charge 2{cade3cd6ea44c9e099402f61e95e983e8f83ab951f3ff944c0038bbba399d24f} commission on your sales up to a maximum of 50.000 euro turn over, so maximum commission of 1.000 euro. This commission is used to actively pursue and visit potential B2B customers. An invoice will be drawn up every six months, based on booked and paid sales.
Our Spanish representative works on an open ended 5{cade3cd6ea44c9e099402f61e95e983e8f83ab951f3ff944c0038bbba399d24f} commission basis on turn over for accounts and bookings he acquires for you. An invoice will be drawn up every six months based on booked and paid sales.