The key to our strength is cooperation and sharing information, while behaving like part of a team. We expect you to appoint a person in your team who can liaise between your company staff and our team fast and fully. When you become a member, you need to submit a full list of your current customers in return for access to the customer details of other members.
We expect from our members that they view opportunities for other members as this will have a mutually beneficial effect. We expect our members to behave in such a way that they do not contravene the interests of other members. Direct competition breaks the basic strength of our network.
We expect our members to provide high quality services and smooth, proper communication to their customers based on the principles of sustainable tourism: leave nothing but your footprint, take nothing but your memories, support the local economy, treat people well, including the people that work for you and your suppliers, care for nature, in short: the ‘’People, Planet, Profit’’ principle.
We share in our common database the details of our B2B customers and this is highly confidential, so you need to protect those data and work with them in accordance with the guidelines given with the database.